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Luxor Temple

Pharonic sites Luxor Temple, or The Temple of Luxor, is among the most beautiful Temples in Egypt. It was known in the New Kingdom period as Ipt-Rsyt, which means the […]

The synagogue of Ben Ezra

(Other names: El-Geniza Synagogue, El-Yaho church) In the Encyclopedia Britannica, a Synagogue is described as “A prayer place for the Jews”. In old Greek it means: “The usual place where […]

The hanging church

The Hanging Church is considered the oldest church in the area of Al-Fustat (Old Cairo). It is known as Al-Muallaka (the hanging) because it was built on the ruins of […]

History of Egypt

The origins of ancient Egyptian civilization, which many regard as one of the fountainheads of Western culture, cannot be established with certainty. Archaeological evidence suggests that early dwellers in the […]

The city of luxor

Located in Upper Egypt Luxor has been described as the world’s biggest open air museum. Nowadays it has been elevated to the status of Governorate, though it is still classified […]

The city of Hurghada

The city of Hurghada is another major tourist attraction in Egypt. This city draws more than 2.5 million visitors every year, and yields more than 3 billion dollars to Egypt’s […]

Egyptian cities

EGYPTIAN CITIES, TOWNS AND GOVERNORATES When most people think about towns and cities in Egypt they only tend to think of the major cities or the ones associated with tourist […]