The open air-museum of Memphis

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The open air-museum of Memphis:

Memphis was the oldest capital of ancient Egypt, the first one that was founded after the unification of upper and Lower Egypt

The city was founded in the first dynasty (3100 BC). It is located 20 KM to the south of Cairo, the founder of the city is king Narmar, Memphis served to be the capital of ancient Egypt during the time of  the old kingdom. The name of Memphis is driven from the ancient Egyptian name given to the city, it was called Min-Nefer, and the Greeks called it Memphis, today is the location of a local village called Mit Rahina

The local god of Memphis was called god Petah, god of creation and workmen, he was worshiped with his wife goddess Sekhmet and their sun god Nefer-tom.

Nothing much remind from ancient Memphis, except some monuments from the new kingdom period and later period.

There you will see an open air museum exhibiting a limestone colossus of king Ramsis II (1305-1237 BC ) and I giant alabaster sphinx  weighting more than 80 tons of weight, that once stood out side the massive temple of god Petah.

As well remains of granite statues of Ramsis II and granites coffins and commemorative tablets from later periods.

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